sâmbătă, 23 august 2008

Feeling bilingv

If only i could make you speak.To hear those words coming straight at me.I would not move.I would sit quietly as they hit me..My lungs, my tongue, my throat would acke.I'll try to swallow all of them.All of your awry, sharp sentences.All your distrustful words.All of them my love if that's what you give to me.Your ego is no match for me my lungs.They have held they're breath many a times waiting for someone like you and seeing it come true only makes them hold on stronger to the words i keep within...they are waiting for you to go.Maybe then i'll let it all out and turn this breath into a rock and make it so that it is sharp and awry like your words.I could use the stone to chase you away.

But this missing words are making me stay.Come what may, i will wait..

Teastept la rasfrangerea dintre orbire si lumina in timp ce ma gandesc... la tine...

Ma gandeam ce mai faci.la ce te gandesti prima data knd deschzi ochii dimineatza, ce numere mai stii pe de rost, ce parfumuri iti aduc amintiri nu ink stinse in lacrimi, ce sensuri noi si intelesuri vechi mai vezi in oglinda, cine mai intarzie in viata ta acum, ce melodii iti mai alearga prin minte cand mergi pe strada,ale cui ticuri leai mai luat involuntar, ce cuvinte ai mai uitat,de cate ori ti sa spus la multi ani pana acum, ce faci cand ti se face frica ...

Buzele mele uscate nu-si mai gasesc simetria si sangele imi fierbe in obraji caci stiu, si privirea mea e oarba.goluri de lumina intre degetele mele ..n-ai vrea sa le umpli?

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