vineri, 15 august 2008

Name :raluka
Nick Name :eh..ce vezi shi u..
Birthdate :10 octombrie..[;x]
Birthplace :aa..roman..[:))]
Current Location :bark city..[8-]
Eye Color :verzi..[;d]..
Hair Color :balai[=))]???
Height :1.50..[;d]..
Weight :nush..[:-??]..
Piercings :incercari..nereusite..[:(]
Boyfriend/Girlfriend :nope[:]
Vehicle :motor..o dhaaa..[8->]
Overused Phrase :[:))]
Food :hmm..
Pub/Disc/Restaurant :restaurant[:)]
Candy :ciocolataaaa[;x]..[;d]..
Number :10..[;x]
Color :negru..shi mov..
Animal :no sthiu..[;x].[;x]
Drink :[;d]..
TV Show :nu prea..
Movie :step up..[;x]
Actor/Actress :orlando bloom..[;x][;x]
This or That
Pepsi or Coke :amndoua..[;x]..light sa fie..
McDonalds or BurgerKing :Mc..[:))]
Chocolate or Vanillaciocolataaaaa..[:d/]
Hot Chocolate or Coffee :hot cioco..
Dog or Cat :shi shi..[;d]
Rap or Punk :rap..shi punk[:)]
Summer or Winter :summer logik..
Scary Movies or Funny Movies :funny movies..
Love or Money :money..k love..[8-][:-j]
Bedtime :knd vreau[;)]
Most Missed Memory :nush aq..
Best phyiscal feature :be u..[;)]
First Thought Waking Up :ultima..[:))]
Best Friends :2 best..[;x]
Weakness :poon prea moolt suflet..[:(]
Fears :nope..niciuna..nici makr moartea..
Longest relationship :[:-?]nush..
Cheated Your Partner :[[-x]]
Ever been beaten up :never
Ever beaten someone up :nope
Ever Kissed Opposite sex :nooooope..
Been Dumped Lately :yes..[:((]
What country do you want to Visit :o insula pustie..[;)]
Been to the Mall Lately :nope..
Get along with your Parents :no..shi sper sa nu..[;d]
Health Freak :nope..
Do you think your Attractive :yes..[;x]
Believe in Yourself :da..shi e de bn..
Want to go to College :da..da'e greu..
Do you Smoke :nope
Do you Drink :[;d]..
Shower Daily :da..logik..
Been in Love[:]
Do you Sing :da..calculatorului..shi lu' microfon..[;))]
Want to get Married :nope..mai bn sg..
Do you want Children :cn stie???
Age you wanna lose your Virginity :[:))))))] raspund..[=)))))]
Hate anyone :da..

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